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Sump Pump Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Does your home have a sump pump? Do you know what a sump pump is? If you answered no to both questions, you probably need one. Especially, if you, like more than 50% of homeowners, have moisture or flooding issues in your basement. The experts at Absolute Restoration LLC have your back.

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What is a sump pump?

Sump pump installation, repair, and replacement service in Indianapolis, Indiana

A sump is a pit dug below the lowest level of your house, typically the basement. Then a pump is placed inside which detects water levels. When the water level rises in the pit, for example, from heavy rainfall, the pump will push the water from your home into a drain where it won’t cause any damage.

Typically, newer homes are either required to have sump pumps or the owners thought it a good idea to have one. However, older homes, built before the 1950s, when the electric sump pump was invented, more than likely don’t have one.

If you don’t have a sump pump, you should call the skilled professionals at Absolute Restoration LLC before your basement floods. We can help you today!

Do I need a sump pump?

IIf you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall, or your basement has flooded before, the answer is yes. If it has flooded once, it will flood again. Is your property flat, or does it sit in an area where water collects when it rains? You should probably get a sump pump installed before the next heavy rain. Call Absolute Restoration LLC at (866) 744-6720.

Our highly trained technicians will come out, assess the land your home sits on, assess your basement, and then decide what size sump pump your home needs. The plan they put together will include everything needed to prevent further flooding and further damage to your home and property. 

If you are still thinking about whether you really want to get a sump pump, here are some benefits and reasons why you should get one:

  • Prevents your basement from flooding.

  • Protects your basement from sewage backups.

  • Protects your basement from mold and mildew.

  • Having a sump pump increases your property value.

  • The humidity value in your home will go down.

  • With a continuous drainage system, a sump pump can help decrease heating costs.

  • A sump pump will also help prevent the infestation of insects and termites.


What causes a sump pump to fail?

If your home has a sump pump, you probably know how it works. If you had one fail while in the middle of heavy rainfall, you also know what happens when they don’t work. There are many reasons why a sump pump will fail, and you usually don’t realize it until it happens, typically during a storm, when you need it to work.
Some reasons why they fail:


  • The sump pump is overworked.

  • Maintenance hasn’t been performed in a long time.

  • Frozen discharge pipes.

  • Switches that have become stuck.

  • The underside of the pump is clogged with stones and dirt.

  • Power outage.

  • The sump pump was installed incorrectly.

  • The sump pit was not dug deep enough.

  • The pump is not the correct size.

  • The pump is just old.

Schedule an appointment with us at Absolute Restoration LLC. If possible, we will repair that worn-out sump pump. If repairing it is not possible, we can replace it.

Install, Repair, or Replace?

If you don’t have a sump pump installed in your home, it would of course be a new installation. The sump or pit would need to be dug, a sump pump liner put in, and then the pump.

Repairing a sump pump could consist of just cleaning the pump, unsticking the float switch, or any number of things to get it back up and running.

Replacing a sump pump, which is less expensive than installing a new one, is simpler because purchasing the same kind of pump means that all the fittings and pipes are the same and will fit perfectly.

 Call us at Absolute Restoration LLC and we will answer all your questions.

Maintenance Information

It’s very important to be proactive about your sump pump maintenance. Routine maintenance needs to be performed on your sump pump where some things you need to check every 3 to 4 months and others only once a year. This could involve removing the pump, cleaning and inspecting it, and making sure the bearings don’t need to be lubricated, among other things. 

If this sounds like a lot, call us at Absolute Restoration LLC at (866) 744-6720. Our technicians will come out and do a maintenance check on your sump pump and make sure it’s in perfect working order.

Absolute Restoration LLC Services

Whether you are experiencing water, flood, or sewage damage, Absolute Restoration LLC can help. Our expert restoration technicians will come out, assess the damage, and come up with a plan to restore your home or business to its original state. Give us a call at (866) 744-6720 and ask us about our:

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Flood Damage Restoration

  • Moisture Detection and Inspection

  • Sewage Cleanup

  • Mold Remediation

  • Fire Damage Rest

  • Storm Damage Restoration

  • Disinfecting Services

  • Install, Repair, and Replace Sump Pumps

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